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Almond Cranberry Dimples GF CF


Gluten Dairy & Cholesterol Free

50% Almond in mounds of moist nuttiness encased by a chewy crust, Dimples are full of protein and rich in calcium, the almond skins hinder fat absorption and provide fibre, while you gain vital minerals and B vitamins.
We blend the kernels for a meal with nutty pieces.  Cranberry is generously stirred through the biscuit plus popped on the Dimple’s top.


Gluten Free – lab tested at less than 5 parts per million of gluten
Dairy Free
Cholesterol Free
Suitable for coeliacs
No trans fat or seed oils
No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, soya, palm oil or GM ingredients.
Retain their yumminess for 6 months

Serving Suggestions

Inspired by the Italian “Paste di Mandorle”, these nutty little bites are divine with coffee and just happen to be Gluten, Dairy and Cholesterol Free.


Almonds, Sugar, Egg white, Cranberries & Almond essence