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Cantina Negrar Pinot Grigio 2020*


Pinot Grigio . Montecchio Maggiore . Italy

Pairs with goats cheese such as Crottin, Holy Goat, Chevre d'Aquataine or fresh stretched curd cheeses such as buffalo mozzarella or burrata.

The vineyards are located in Montecchio Maggiore, in the heart of the Vicenza hills, which somehow adds to the wines fresh, dry & vibrant qualities. The fruit is hand picked & transferred to stainless steel. The wines are then crushed destemmed & separated from skins, through meticulous handling the aim is to produce crisp fruit flavours. Aromas of white flowers and hints of crisp green pears on the palate.

The Cantina Negrar is a historic cooperative, veneto has become Italy’s most productive wine region. The fertile volcanic soil and remnants of riverbed strata allow the vines to grow ferociously. In the pursuit of lower yields, and higher quality grapes, the growers at Cantina Negrar have worked to temper growth by careful trellising, including vertical training and aggressive pruning techniques.