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Christmas Pantry Delux

Olssons Truffle Salt ceramic 50g
Colonna Evoo 500ml
LVD Balsamic 6YR 250ML
Tarragon Mustard
Tracklements Cranberry & Orange Sauce
Tracklements Christmas Spice Chutney
Doodle Creek Mayonnaise 285g
Doodle Creek Classic Dressing 285g
Baccos Leaves Rosemary pkt -130g
Authentic English Christmas Pudding 400g
Shortbread Cristmas Stars - 200g with bow
Silver Penny Butterscotch Sauce - 100ml 
Cantucci - Almond
Nuttorious Caramleised Nuts
Quince Paste
Panettone 100g
Divan Rose Petal Covered Pistachio Turkish Delight