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Malfroy Honey Wild Polyflora


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This pure Australian wild honey is produced from 100% natural comb in bee-friendly Warré apiaries, in the ancient wilderness of the Blue Mountains World Heritage area. Due to the incredible diversity of the local environment, no single jar of honey is the same. This honey is a distillation of the nectar from woodland, open forest, closed forest (rainforest), heathland, swampland, stream communities and the hanging swamps that occur on vertical cliff faces. Apiaries are located in a diverse mix of eco-regions, which provides an incredible diversity of nectar and pollen sources for bees to forage.

‘Wild Honey’ is a term that was pioneered by the founders of Malfroy's Gold themselves -  to describe honey produced by wild bees, in wild environments, with bees housed in wild type (natural comb) hives, and bee colonies functioning using minimal human intervention. 

All of Malfroy’s Wild Honey is sourced from 300 bee-friendly Warré hives, located in permanent apiaries in the wilderness of the Blue Mountains and the Central Tablelands of NSW. Their Natural Beekeeping practices exceed both the organic and biodynamic standards for apiculture. All of their Wild Honey varieties have been found to be therapeutically beneficial (comparable to manuka honey), with medicinal activity ranging from TA10+ to TA25+.

Note: As Malfroy’s Wild Honey is genuinely cold pressed* from virgin comb, it will be crystallised in the jar. Cold pressed honey often has a cloudy or opaque appearance and a soft, thick, even texture with finely grained crystals.

*Malfroy’s Gold are the only commercial beekeepers in Australia offering honey produced in this manner, and are one of only a handful of commercial beekepers in the world using this pre-industrial technique.

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