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Reggiano Parmigiano


San Pietro, Italy 

Unpasteurised Cow's Milk


Parmigiano Reggiano has been hand selected and matured by the Cravero family in Bra since 1855. These cheeses are handmade in the San Pietro dairy in the Appennini hills of Modena from the raw milk of a small herd of less than 100 cows.  

After meticulous maturation at the dairy for six months, the finest cheeses are graded by Giorgio Cravero and taken to Bra for ripening.  

At two years old, its succulent, moist, nutty texture has a complex fruity, caramel sweetness that is very different to the dry and often bitter cracked cheeses matured by the large cooperatives.  

The San Pietro dairy produces just six wheels a day.