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Olsonn's Salt-Redgum Smoked-Kraft 90g x 6


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All Olsson’s salt comes from the beautiful, untouched sea waters of the Great Australian Bight. Locally and ethically produced with a focus on quality, every detail in Olssons salt has been carefully considered, from production to packaging.

This Red Gum Smoked Sea Salt is cold smoked on Australian red gum wood for 72hrs. It’s a beautiful change from classic sea salt and is especially delicious for seasoning meat and roast veggies.

It comes in the Olsson’s iconic stripe stoneware jar with a wooden lid and little wooden spoon for serving.

Packaged in an eco friendly kraft canister, made to conveniently refill your stoneware jar.

About the Olsson Family 

Olsson's is the oldest family-owned and operated salt company in Australia, dating back to 1888. Olsson's salts can be found in some of Australia's leading restaurants.

Olsson’s have not ignored their responsibility to the environment. Olsson’s block boxes are now made from 100% recycled, unbleached cardboard which livestock are able to eat and digest and they are continually developing better and greener products and methods of packaging.